Will Greenbulb work with any lamp?

Currently, Greenbulb comes in 2 sizes - E26 base and GU10. Check your existing light bulbs to make sure they are compatible.

Can I power Greenbulb with a solar generator?

Greenbulb is operational between 85v-265v, so you can use these anywhere.

Is Greenbulb more energy efficient than standard light bulbs?

Each bulb is able to produce 850 lumens on white light, 800 lumens for the colours. With the built in dimmers, Greenbulb can be dimmed down to 300 lumens.

What is 7.5w LED's equivalent to?

At 7.5 watts, Greenbulb produces 850 lumens which is equal to a 75w incandescent and 23w CFL (compact fluorescent).

How many colours does Greenbulb have?

Pack with red, blue and green LEDS, Greenbulb is capable of producing 16 million different colour combinations - basically any colour you want.

Can I dim my lights even without dimmer switches?

Dimmers are built into every single bulb and do not require dimmers at the wall. Put Greenbulb anywhere and dim your lights from your remote control or smartphone.

Will Greenbulb work with my existing dimmer switches?

Absolutely! Leave your dimmers on full and use Greenbulb from your remote or smartphone like you normally would.

What is the lifespan of Greenbulb?

Each bulb is rated for 50,000 hours of use - that 5.7 years if you run them 24 hours a day!

Does Greenbulb a warranty?

Every bulb is backed by a 5-year replacement warranty. If your bulbs are not functioning the same as the day you bought it, we will replace it with a brand new bulb.

How do I pair my bulbs to my remote control

To operate your Greenbulbs with your smartphone, you must first download the free app

1) Install/open Greenbulb app
2) name your controller

Remote and Smartphone:

1) determine what zone you want pair your bulb to
2) with the power off, screw in your bulbs
3) turn power on
4) (when the bulb lights up), touch and hold the "I" button for zone you want to pair that bulb to
5) all paired bulbs will flash white 3 times

How do I add additional bulbs?

To add more bulbs to your assigned zones, simply repeat steps 1-5 with your new bulbs

How do I deprogram my bulbs?

If you wish to move your bulb from one zone to another,
1) (with your bulbs on), flip the power on the wall OFF then ON
2) (when your bulb lights up), touch and hold the "I" button for the zone that your bulb is currently sync to
3) all deprogrammed bulbs will flash white 9 times

How many bulbs can I control at once?

There is no limit to the number of bulbs that your remote or smartphone will talk to. You can have an infinite number of bulbs per zone!

How many controllers can I pair to each bulb?

Each bulb is able to sync to 4 different controllers

Why can't I use my phone even though I have the app?

In order to use your smartphone, you must have our Greenbulb Smart Hub.

What do all these buttons on my remote do?

How do I get the white light?

If you want to turn all your bulbs to the white light, touch and hold "I" at the top of your remote (your master on/off switch)
Touch and hold the "I" for zone you want to switch to white light

Can I use my Greenbulbs outdoor?

Greenbulb is a seal component bulb and is perfectly capable of operating outdoors. The temperature range is -40°c - 60°c or -40°F - 140°F.
Ensure you have the proper fixtures